For over 100 years, PNM has been committed to strengthening the communities we serve by making a difference in the lives of our customers, including our own employees that live, work and raise their families here. At the core of this commitment is sustainability. Whether it’s helping our customers lower their monthly energy costs, partnering with the Navajo Nation in the Workforce Training Initiative or assisting Mayor Keller in adding 25 megawatts of solar to the Albuquerque grid, sustainability is at the center.

We invite you to take a journey with us through of our ever-unfolding Sustainability Story.

“The future is changing fast. Here at PNM, we are proud of how far we’ve come. Yet, we know there is still much to do. It is our promise to you that we will continue to strive to improve, to deliver safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible energy, and to support communities across New Mexico for generations to come. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.” Pat Vincent-Collawn, Chairman, President and CEO, PNM Resources, Inc.

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Energy Efficiency

Helping customers save money and become more energy-wise is an important part of what we do. Since 2007, PNM energy efficiency programs have provided more than $80 million in customer rebates and helped save almost 3.2 billion kilowatt hours of electricity – enough to power approximately 470,090 homes for a year. These programs have kept an estimated 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the air and saved 1.1 billion gallons of water. PNM can help you save money and energy with a variety of rebates, discounts and energy-saving tips.

Energy Efficiency

Online Home Energy Analyzer

Find out how efficient your home is with specific recommendations that make sense for you and your home. This online analysis tool makes it easy (and fun!) to understand how your home uses electricity and also provides savings tips and rebates. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

PNM Home Energy Checkup

You can receive a customized report on your home's energy performance and learn ways to become energy smart, improve your family's comfort and lower your monthly energy costs. For our low-income customers, you may qualify for a free appointment and a free refrigerator. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

Refrigerator Recycling

Residential and business customers can receive $50 for recycling their old refrigerator or freezer. We haul it away for free and you save energy and money. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

Cooling and Heat Pump Rebates

The PNM Cooling Rebate program reduces the cost for residential customers to purchase and install certain energy-efficient cooling equipment in their homes. There are two main ways to cool your home, evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning. Both of these options include several technologies that qualify for a rebate. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

Pool Pump Rebates

The PNM Pool Pump Rebate Program provides residential customers with a $300 rebate for purchasing and installing an ENERGY STAR-qualified variable speed pool pump. An ENERGY STAR pool pump can run at different speeds and be programmed to match the pool operation with the appropriate pool pump speed. The energy saved is considerable. Reducing pump speed by one-half allows the pump to use just one-eighth as much energy. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

Home Lighting Discount

Replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) is a simple way to save energy in your home daily without having to spend a lot of money. PNM offers in-store discounts at a variety of stores around the state, and via an online store as well. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

PNM Power Saver

If you have refrigerated central air conditioning or a heat pump, you can reduce electric demand while helping protect the environment. Participants receive a $25 check for enrolling and a $25 check at the end of the season for participating. The program is open to residential and business customers. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

PNM Home Works for Students

Created just for fifth graders and high school students, this program takes energy efficiency, renewables and non-renewable resources directly into the classroom with a hands-on presentation. Each student goes home with a kit that includes easy-to-install technologies such as a low-flow shower head, faucet aerators and a written guide to assist families with installation and energy saving. The high school presentation includes a special emphasis on sustainability and on the unique usage footprint of a high school-aged student in the home, and the take-home kit also includes a smart power strip.

Energy Efficiency

Easy Savings Kit

Through this program, PNM offers select low-income customers the opportunity to receive a free kit that includes LEDs, low-flow shower heads and other energy saving devices. PNM partners directly with eight New Mexico assistance agencies to distribute the kits and also provides them at PNM-sponsored low-income events.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Smart

PNM contracts with the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority (MFA) to install LEDS and replace inefficient refrigerators in the homes of low-income customers. Additionally, participants can receive attic insulation, air and duct sealing and programmable thermostats.

Energy Efficiency

PNM Quick Saver TM

Just for small businesses, this program pays for certain upgrades to make facilities more energy efficient. A participating PNM Quick Saver contractor will conduct an on-site assessment to identify energy saving opportunities. On average, PNM pays 65 percent or more of the project costs directly to the contractor, and the customer pays the balance. Customers are typically able to recover their investment through their energy savings in less than a year. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

Retrofit Rebates

The Retrofit Rebate program offers a pre-set menu and custom incentives for business customers who install energy efficient equipment in their existing facilities. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

New Construction Rebates

PNM customers can receive a rebate for implementing more efficient designs when building new facilities. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

Multi-family property owners can receive rebates for installing energy efficient upgrades in common areas and inside resident units. Learn more

Energy Efficiency

PNM Peak Saver

For large business customers, this program pays you for saving energy on peak demand days, which are typically the hottest days of the year. Learn more

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Renewable Energy

PNM is committed to renewable energy and to New Mexico's energy future. We're constantly expanding our renewable energy capacity while providing incentives for customers who add their own. As the state's largest electricity provider, PNM serves more than 500,000 New Mexico residential and business customers in Greater Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Los Lunas and Belen, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Alamogordo, Ruidoso, Silver City, Deming, Bayard, Lordsburg and Clayton. We also serve the New Mexico tribal communities of the Tesuque, Cochiti, Santo Domingo, San Felipe, Santa Ana, Sandia, Isleta and Laguna Pueblos.

Shining a light on the many steps we've taken together:
  • We've supported hundreds of clean energy jobs by building solar centers, harnessing the wind for power and supporting our customers' efforts to conserve energy and save money by installing their own private solar energy systems. Jobs were also created to add environmental equipment to reduce emissions and help preserve bird habitats.
  • Through our $270 million investment in one million solar panels (and counting), we've helped New Mexico land in the top ten, nationally, for solar installations.
  • Our 18 (and counting) solar centers in New Mexico produce enough energy when the sun is shining to power approximately 60,000 homes.
  • We're generating enough wind power to support the energy needs of 73,000 homes.
  • By combining the solar, wind and geothermal generation PNM has installed, we produce enough clean, green energy to power more than 174,000 homes. These sources together will save 400 million gallons of water per year and reduce air emissions by the same amount as produced by 201,000 cars on New Mexico's roads.
Did you know?
  • PNM produces nearly 50% carbon free energy today and we plan to produce 70% carbon free energy by 2032.
  • Our transition to cleaner energy has reduced our carbon emissions by 40%.
  • Since 2007, our energy efficiency programs and reduced use at power plants has saved New Mexico over a BILLION gallons of water. That's enough to fill 20,000,000 bathtubs.
  • Our use of renewable energy has reduced carbon emissions by nearly a million metric tons, which is the equivalent of three empire state buildings.

Prosperity Energy Storage Project

PNM Resources has helped pioneer energy storage research and development through the PNM Prosperity Energy Storage Project, the nation’s first solar storage facility fully integrated into a utility’s power grid. This 500-kilowatt grid-connected solar center plus energy storage system features one of the largest combinations of battery storage and photovoltaic energy in the nation. The project is a unique collaboration that includes the University of New Mexico, Northern New Mexico College, East Penn Manufacturing and Sandia National Laboratories. Learn more

Renewable Energy

PNM Sky Blue (R)

PNM Sky Blue is New Mexico's own home-grown source of 100% locally-generated, clean energy. PNM Sky Blue uses 22,000 solar panels from our facility in Los Lunas plus wind purchased from the New Mexico Energy Center near Fort Sumner to give our customers an easy, affordable way to show their support for clean energy.

Joining PNM Sky Blue makes it easy and affordable to support clean, renewable wind and solar energy without making the huge commitment of putting solar panels on your roof or wind turbines in your backyard. As little as $1.70 per month is all it takes to support clean, renewable energy here in New Mexico. The more customers that participate, the more wind and solar energy we can bring to New Mexico. Learn more

Renewable Energy

Customer Solar Energy Program

If you're a PNM customer interested in installing solar power on your home or commercial building and generating some or all of your own electricity, then you'll be interested in learning more about the PNM Customer Solar Energy Program. We provide incentives to customers who install qualified solar energy systems and integrate them into the PNM grid. Learn more

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Reducing Our Impact

PNM Resources has a history of strong environmental stewardship, balanced with cost conscientiousness. It is rooted in one of our core values: Caring about our customers, the communities we serve, and our natural resources. Across the company, our employees are dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of our daily internal operations through recycling and other waste mitigation activities.

Reducing Our Impact

Water Usage

As part of the transformation of PNM’s generation portfolio, PNM is focused on reducing its water use. Innovative technologies such as air-cooling, energy efficiency programs and using renewable energy that does not consume water are very effective ways of reducing our water usage. The shutdown of San Juan Generating Station Units 2 and 3 in December 2017 reduced surface water usage by nearly one-half. As PNM adds resources to its generation portfolio that require less (or no) water to produce electricity, the intensity rate of our water use, in gallons per MWh, has fallen by 22% since 2007.

Reducing Our Impact

Emissions Reduction

PNM has worked to significantly reduce emissions over the past several years through the installation of additional pollution control technologies at San Juan Generating Station, the increased use of renewable energy, and the use of natural gas, and the development of extensive energy efficiency and conservation programs for customers.

The efforts at San Juan include:

  • A $320 million environmental upgrade at San Juan Generating Station between 2006 and 2009
  • Retirement of Units 2 and 3 at San Juan Generating Station at the end of 2017, and
  • Installation of selective non-catalytic reduction to further reduce nitrogen oxide emissions on Units 1 and 4

Between 2006 and 2009, as part of a $320 million environmental upgrade, PNM and the other owners of San Juan Generating Station installed new technologies to significantly reduce plant emissions. The upgrade has resulted in a dramatic drop in four of the plant’s main emissions: nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 44%; sulfur dioxide (SO2) by 71%, particulate matter by 72%, and mercury by 87%.

In 2013, PNM worked with the EPA and the state of New Mexico to craft a plan to address EPA’s visibility rule and provide significant additional environmental benefits at a lower cost than the federal plan proposed by EPA.

The state implementation plan included the retirement of two of San Juan Generating Station’s four units by the end of 2017 and the installation of selective non-catalytic reduction to further reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

The plan allowed PNM to reduce the burning of coal and increase the use of cleaner fuels, including solar energy and natural gas. It dramatically cut emissions, including carbon dioxide (CO2) which is the majority of PNM’s greenhouse gas emissions, NOx, SO2, particulate matter and mercury. The plan also resulted in an estimated 50 percent reduction in the plant’s water usage and coal ash generation.

Going forward, our proposed generation portfolio would achieve dramatic reductions in CO2 emissions, as well as other emissions. (See our Climate Change Report for more information).

  • By the end of 2018, PNM will reduce annual CO₂ emissions, which comprises the vast majority of PNM's greenhouse gas emissions, by approximately 33% percent over 2005 levels
  • By 2023, PNM expects to achieve an annual reduction of approximately 68 percent in CO₂ emissions over 2005 levels due to the shutdown of San Juan Generating Station
  • PNM plans to exit all coal by 2031. By 2032, PNM expects to see an 81% reduction in CO2 emissions over 2005 levels; and
  • By 2040, PNM is striving for a goal to reduce annual CO₂ emissions in 87 percent from 2005 levels

Reducing Our Impact

EV Fleet Conversion

Thanks to our advanced GPS system, we are continually designing more efficient fleet routes, saving thousand of gallons of fuel each month. This focus on efficiency, coupled with the launch of our initial fleet of electric plug-in vehicles, has saved tens of thousands of gallons of gas which has kept 63.7 metric tons of carbon out of our air.

We’re also exploring new ways to incentivize our employees and customers to reduce their environmental impact through the purchase of electric vehicles and by providing free charging stations in coordination with Nissan in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Reducing Our Impact

Reduce Your Use Grants

Reduce Your Use Grants help nonprofit organizations put their energy-saving ideas into action with grants up to $5,000. Since its inception in 2008, this program has awarded more than $2 million to nonprofits around the state to help them decrease their energy use in order to free up funds for their mission-based programs. Learn more

Reducing Our Impact

PNM Recycling Program

Since 2007, PNM Resources has recycled more than 28,650 tons of solid waste across its corporate operations. In 2012 alone, PNM recycled approximately 2,799 tons of material. We use the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WARM model to estimate Greenhouse Gas and British Thermal Unit usage reduction from recycling, source reduction and composting. Using the WARM model, 2012 recycling efforts were calculated to avoid 29,743 metric carbon equivalents and 249,892 million BTUs.

PNM received recognition from the New Mexico Recycling Coalition twice for its recycling efforts, once for its overall corporate recycling program as Business Recycler of the Year, and once for recycling efforts at its Ruidoso operations office.

PNM operations are active across New Mexico, and the complexity of the electricity industry presents many opportunities to recycle, including scrap metals, out-of-service power poles, reels and pallets, used oil, coolants, waste, lighting, old equipment, machinery, and regular office waste such as paper and plastics. In addition, San Juan Generating Station recycles significant amounts of fly ash, which is re-used in cement blocks and in road base.

In 2007, we developed a sophisticated database in which each PNM facility can enter all recyclables, donations, and re-use and waste. The PNM database uses algorithms to calculate front-load weight based on how full each front-load is and the type of waste — office or construction.

Reducing Our Impact

Christmas Tree Recycling

PNM and the cities of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho offer free Christmas tree recycling every year. More than 15,000 trees are recycled at the New Mexico sites, saving valuable landfill space and generating water-savings and protective mulch.

Crews from PNM Vegetation Management, City of Albuquerque's Solid Waste Management Department and Rio Rancho's Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful Division grind the trees into mulch, which can be used by residents to provide a better growing environment for plants in city common areas and residential landscapes.

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Community Engagement

Our long-held dedication to Community Engagement supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a value of at least $869,000 in volunteer hours from 2016 to date, and more than $21 million to nonprofit and community partners through Corporate Giving and the PNM Resources Foundation from 2013 to 2018.

According to the top organizations funded through the corporation and our employees, the following SDGs are being supported annually:

  • No Poverty
  • Zero Hunger
  • Good Health and Well-Being
  • Quality Education
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Community Engagement

Community Crew Volunteers

Across New Mexico and Texas, crews of hundreds of employees work year-round to help schools and a wide variety of nonprofit organizations make our communities safer, stronger, and more vibrant. Last year, at least 720 employees donated more than 11,300 volunteer hours to support 250 organizations.

In fact, the PNMR Community Crew was named the Corporate Volunteer Group of the Year in 2018. Volunteer projects focus on results that are important to the community such as judging science fairs, creating educational events for youth, or helping to restore parks and nature centers. Many employees also serve as active members on the board of directors of community organizations. Yep, we get around.

Community Engagement

PNM Resources Foundation

The PNM Resources Foundation supported 40 New Mexico nonprofits in 2018 with $750,000 toward their missions through the New Century of Service Grant Program. This grant is designed to promote economic development, education and the environment within the PNM service area, the grants are awarded to organizations that work to innovate new products and services that, in turn, grow and develop businesses in New Mexico; create collaborative community spaces for public use; and provide educational opportunities that support economic development.

In honor of PNM turning 100 years old, PNM Resources and its shareholders contributed $1 million over the course of two years to the PNMR Foundation. These Centennial Grants were awarded to five nonprofits supporting economic and workforce development projects in New Mexico.

The PNM Resources Foundation awarded $100,000 in Power Grants in 2018 to 15 nonprofits in Texas for projects ranging from STEM learning programs, mobile libraries, and community safety projects. The grant program is designed to help nonprofit organizations build more vibrant communities.

The PNM Resources Foundation also support their employees through Volunteer and Matching Grants. In 2018, the foundation had 233 requests for a total of $88,300.00 Volunteer Grants and 301 requests for a total of $109,425.00 in Matching Grants.

The 2018 New Century of Service $50,000 grant recipients:

  • Cultivating Coders, Inc. (Albuquerque) - to provide rigorous technological education and workforce participation opportunities to high school students in Albuquerque’s South Valley.
  • Fathers Building Futures (Albuquerque) - to concentrate business efforts on scaling the wood shop and its casket and urn line for the funeral industry.
  • St. Martin’s Hospitality Center (Albuquerque) - to provide on-the-job training to at least 5 formerly homeless individuals through their Hope Café internship program.
  • Galloping Grace Youth Ranch (Rio Rancho) - to fund their Food Recovery Program, a program that can conserve energy, educate youth, create jobs, and alleviate hunger; thereby building a healthier community, a more resilient environment, and impacting youth and economy.
  • Reunity Resources (Santa Fe) - to expand operations to encompass a community farm that grows food for donation to local hunger efforts, trains young farmers and provides paid apprentices to homeless and at-risk youth.

The 2018 New Century of Service $25,000 grant recipients:

  • Adelante Development Center Inc. (Albuquerque) - to expand their volunteer program to serve the community. Volunteers are the community lifeblood of nonprofit organizations and this will maximize efficiency through a streamlined volunteer management platform.
  • CNM Foundation (Albuquerque) - to create and launch an outreach program specifically designed to expose middle school students to trade industries and the possible career pathways that can be achieved through an education in the School of Applied Technologies at CNM.
  • DowntownABQ MainStreet Initiative (Albuquerque) - to fund A Living Archive of Urban Indians, which utilizes street theater and visual outdoor projection to present the historic legacy of downtown architectural landmarks for and about Urban Indians in Albuquerque.
  • Explora Science Center & Children's Museum of Albuquerque (Albuquerque) - to help complete the shovel-ready phase of their STEM Education and Workforce Development Center for teens and young adults interested in STEM careers.
  • Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails, Inc. (Albuquerque) - to fund STEM, outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship as an afterschool program delivered to at-risk girls ages 7 to 11 in four elementary schools located in underserved communities in Albuquerque.
  • Rio Grande Community Development Corporation (Albuquerque) - to expand SVEDC's popular Virtual Incubator capacity by better connecting new and existing small businesses to Center services through partner business mentorship and expertise, including mentors from PNM.
  • Asombro Institute for Science Education (Deming) - to fund 2,500 kindergarten through 8th grade students in Deming to gain science literacy through participation in award-winning science lessons with the Asombro Institute for Science Education.
  • The Grants Collective (Los Lunas) - to fund “Boosting Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Sector,” a workforce development and education program to grow and develop nonprofit businesses in Valencia County.
  • St. Felix Pantry (Rio Rancho) - to help create a public space in the food pantry that will be called the PNM Learning Center.
  • Innovate-Educate (Santa Fe) - To support four Job-Ready Hiring Fairs and connect job seekers to quality job opportunities in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

The New Mexico organizations that have been awarded $10,000 include:


  • Alamogordo MainStreet - to utilize as sustained seed money to implement a long-term and independent "Façade Squad" project.
  • New Mexico State University Foundation Inc. - to help NMSU Alamogordo offer new programs that will improve family literacy levels, address special challenges students face when returning to school, and ensure more people complete degrees.


  • ARCA - to help support the lifelong services of infants through seniors that have intellectual and developmental disabilities in New Mexico.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico, Inc. - to fund Mentor 2.0 and 3.0 at Amy Biehl and South Valley.
  • New Day Youth and Family Services - to both sustain and grow a food cart business that provides concrete job training, skills practice and paid experience for youth to begin building a resume and prepare for jobs in the community.
  • New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Foundation - to help successfully facilitate the development and growth of youth interest in STEAM.
  • TenderLove Community Center, Inc. - to help lead the community to a brighter future by providing support and training to the neediest portion of Albuquerque's population.
  • University of New Mexico Foundation, Inc. - to hire two UNM undergraduate Native American students to digitize Native American authored materials owned by the University of New Mexico and Tribal Community libraries.
  • University of New Mexico Foundation, Inc. - Help fund the Rainforest Building by purchasing some naming rights’.


  • Belen Consolidated Schools - to help develop a growth mindset so that the individual talents of each student can be developed through hard work, good strategies and input from others.
  • Students Spaceflight Experiment Program - to help support students with their academic readiness for college and careers through the STEM pathways.


  • Capacity Builders, Inc. - to help fund the NATIVE Project which will build on CBI’s work to develop commercialization platforms that enable Navajo artists to be treated with respect, compensated fairly, and contribute to the local economy.

Las Vegas

  • The Samaritan House, Inc. - to help the Department of Supportive and Outreach Services provide the community with developmental opportunities and program participants with personalized support through outreach, case management, and specialized referrals.


  • AAUW Tech Trek New Mexico - to help fund a second week of summer camp for middle school girls.


  • Ruidoso Midtown Association - to help fund the East Midtown Commons Plaza and Signage Project.

Santa Clara

  • Fort Bayard Historic Preservation Society - to help with the costs associated with building improvements, new signs and set up of a Fort Bayard Visitor Center Museum located at the Santa Clara Armory.

Santa Fe

  • Community Learning Network - to help fund professional development efforts to increase the capacity of K-12 teachers, so they can bring computer science education to their students.
  • Cooking With Kids Inc. - to help fund the collaborative project with Santa Fe Botanical Garden and AmeriCorps, to provide nutrition, cooking, gardening, and environmental/sustainability education in 5 public schools in Santa Fe.
  • Girls Inc. of Santa Fe - to fund STEMobile which allows a diverse population of girls to engage with STEM activities, conduct research, and access real-time information to inform their scientific inquiries.
  • MIX Santa Fe - to help fund a successful startup business accelerator by refining new startup tools and resources rooted in community-based business support.
  • New Mexico Land Conservancy - to help fund the development of a trail system in the emerging Community College District along Richards Ave to provide educational opportunities, green-space access, non-motorized commuting and recreational enjoyment.
  • Santa Fe Council on International Relations - to help expand essential educational programs across northern New Mexico - addressing environment, energy issues, climate change and career readiness in a globalized workforce.
  • SITE Santa Fe - to help support the implementation of “Access” a multifaceted internship program at SITE that will deepen SITE’s relationships with several local institutions, provide educational opportunities, and real work experience.
  • The Wildlife Center, Inc. - to provide wildlife education programs to K-12 students in the Santa Fe area.

Silver City

  • Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest - Southern New Mexico & West Texas, Inc. - to help develop girls’ leadership abilities critical to ensuring they will be the change drivers Southern New Mexico & West Texas, Inc. and economic decision makers of the future.
  • The National Center For Frontier Communities - To help provide national leadership and build collaboration on issues important to frontier communities.

Learn more

Community Engagement

Good Neighbor Fund

Sometimes people need a little help. That’s why the Good Neighbor Fund was created. PNM customers who are facing a financial emergency can receive a grant to help pay part or all of a past-due PNM bill. In 2018, $461,795.00 was distributed to 3,703 families for bill payment support through the PNM Good Neighbor Fund.

But truly, the PNM Good Neighbor fund is more than a charitable fund, it is solid community outreach that touches the lives of income-challenged New Mexicans across the state. Started in 1989, the fund has helped thousands of people over the years with assistance towards electric bills across our service territory.

The Good Neighbor Fund is reaching deeper into the communities we serve in a variety of ways.

  • Community collaborations to serve more in need: Besides assisting hundreds of families monthly with the Good Neighbor Fund, PNM has been joining hands and hearts with various organizations around the state who serve people that are in need every day. Through this collaboration, the Good Neighbor Fund can reach those in need that may not otherwise know of this help, and can do so for people in critical circumstances.

    Some examples of the programs we work with are:

    • NM Cancer Center, UNM Cancer Center, and Presbyterian Cancer: We fast-track assistance to provide assistance to cancer patients in treatment. Once a referral comes to PNM from a social worker, assistance is processed with no red tape and no office visit to the Good Neighbor Fund office.
    • Assistance referrals for veterans: This outreach helps all veterans including vets with brain injuries, PTSD, and financial emergencies. Once referred by various veteran organizations, applications are fast-tracked and do not require the veterans come into the office.
    • Precious Beginnings: Another working collaboration, this organization assists young families facing medical issues with high risk pregnancies. Once referred, PNM fast tracks this help for families, often too ill to seek help on their own.
    • Silver Horizons NM: The Good Neighbor Fund assists seniors with emergency assistance for electric, water and gas bills.
  • PNM CARES: PNM CARES is a special customer referral program of the PNM Good Neighbor Fund. Here’s how it works -- within PNM selected organizations, social workers, teachers, nurses, doctors, councilors, or program managers, regularly work with clients who are facing crisis situations in their life. These professionals can best identify which clients attending their programs and are having a financial hardship due to their crisis situation. This PNM CARES referral will award their client a $200 PNM CARES grant towards electric bills.
    The magic of this referral is that this program has unique guidelines that allow people in crisis to receive help that they may not normally qualify for due to a number of reasons such as account balance, or a bill not being in their name. Organizations across New Mexico are delighted to have this program to help their clients in need.
  • Assistance Events: PNM holds Assistance Events in all the communities statewide that PNM serves. At the heart of all our events is the assistance from the PNM Good Neighbor Fund to pay past due electric bills for qualified customers. Each event is tailored to the community and in some cases to certain customer groups such as senior citizens, veterans and families with children. We hold over 40 events of various types each year. Each event helping to make our assistance easy, in a respectful and comfortable atmosphere.

Community Engagement

Corporate Contributions

Yearly, we demonstrate our commitment to building and maintaining productive relationships with stakeholders, including customers, regulators, legislators and interveners through outreach, collaboration and various community-oriented programs. Our active partnerships with more than 400 statewide organizations combines PNM’s philanthropy with employee ‘volunteer power’ to foster the future workforce and vitality of our communities.

Recent examples include the PNM-UNM Statewide Math Contest, programs through Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency team, and United Way Corporate Cornerstone support including Mission Families and Mission Graduate.

Santa Fe Canyon Preserve

Once the center of Santa Fe’s hydroelectric activity, today it’s a peaceful nature preserve brimming with wildflowers, willows, ponderosa pine, songbirds, deer, bears, and beavers. In 2000, PNM donated to The Nature Conservancy 200 acres in the Santa Fe watershed, which served as the foundation for the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2020.

Since the start of the preserve, the Nature Conservancy, with a little help from Mother Nature and additional sponsorships from PNM and others, has worked to restore the land to its natural state and constructed a 1.5-mile interpretive loop trail detailing the colorful history.

In addition to the donation of land, the PNM Resources Foundation gave The Nature Conservancy $15,000 to construct connecting trails in the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve.

United Way Campaign

PNM Resources employees and corporate contributions support United Way programs and other organizations providing services to New Mexicans and Texans in need. PNM Resources has been, and continues to be, one of the major Corporate Cornerstone partners for United Way and a leader in supporting nonprofit organizations.

University of New Mexico’s Wild Things

Wild Friends is a unique, award-winning civics education program at the UNM School of Law. Their mission is to provide a statewide, experiential education program that integrates civics and wildlife law to help students in grades 4-12 understand the democratic process, develop good citizenship skills, and contribute to wildlife conservation by involving them in public policy projects of their choosing. For several years, PNM Resources has helped fund and support Wild Friends programs and students learning about environmental issues and positive policy changes.

Future Cities Student Competition

As one of the sponsors of this competition, PNM was impressed with all of the “Future Cities” 3-D models presented this weekend. Executive VP, Ron Darnell, announced the awards at UNM and met students from around the state competing to “Power Our Future” by designing resilient power grids. Top winners from Annunciation Catholic School will represent New Mexico in DC February 2019.

Community Engagement

TNMP Power Grants

TNMP Power Grants aim to strengthen Texas by investing in our communities.

The TNMP Fund seeks innovative and creative proposals from qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations, schools and municipalities that support the communities TNMP serves.


Funding priorities include (but are not limited to):

  • community safety
  • community outreach
  • economic development
  • education

Facts about 2018 grants

  • More than 70 organizations applied
  • $100,000 was available for 2018, double the funding of past years
  • Grants were available in amounts between $2,000 and $10,000, an increase from the $5,000 cap of past years
  • Grants are made by the TNMP Fund from shareholder dollars. No rate dollars are used for grants

2018 Recipients

  • Alvin Community College: $9,750 for structural upgrades to provide greater protection for students and staff members from on-campus security threats.
  • Angleton ISD Education Foundation: $9,079 to fund purchase of supplies for the Making Math Come Alive student program.
  • Brazoria County Alliance for Children: $4,018 to fund upgrades to the agency training facility.
  • Christian Community Action in Lewisville: $10,000 to fund purchases of Chromebooks, software and GED exam materials for financially challenged clients.
  • City of Princeton Library: $7,870 for computer programs to enhance literacy achievements for children and adults.
  • City of Tom Bean: $2,155 for a tornado siren radio-controller box, enabling remote activation that allows city employees to remain inside and safer during emergencies.
  • City of Valley Mills: $10,000 to fund flashing LED stop signs and other traffic safety upgrades at an intersection adjacent to the kid-friendly Splash Pad Park.
  • College of the Mainland Foundation in Texas City: $10,000 for additional funding for the Random Acts of Kindness program that assists students facing financial emergencies.
  • Communities in Schools Bay Area: $5,000 to fund social-emotional learning professional development for agency staff.
  • Fort Stockton Middle School: $4,726 to fund materials for an agricultural project for students in STEM classes.
  • Hope Active: $4,314 for additional school supplies and wellness opportunities for low-income ISD students in Galveston County.
  • Lewisville ISD Foundation: $7,500 to fund the purchase of firefighter helmets for students in the district's firefighter dual-credit certification program.
  • Texas City ISD Foundation for the Future: $8,500 to fund a mobile library for La Marque students whose classes are housed at temporary campuses due to Hurricane Harvey damage.
  • West Shore Civic Association in Whitney: $2,588 to fund upgrades to the community Civic Center.
  • Winkler County Hospital: $4,500 to fund purchase of a radio system to provide reliable communications during emergencies.
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Tribal Relations

The PNM Tribal Government Relations Team actively engages our eight tribal customer communities and businesses through valued relationships and outreach. Our business operations work together with 16 of the 23 New Mexico’s tribes to address the energy needs of our tribal partners.

Our Team’s work includes:

  • Building within PNM an understanding of tribal sovereignty and the inherent right of sovereign nations to be viewed as meaningful and sustaining community and energy partners
  • Advocating PNM’s position with tribal governments, including respective tribal leaders, tribal councils and related local governmental bodies

We value our business relationships with each sovereign nation. That’s why each of our partnerships reflect the core values of both entities, and we view New Mexico’s tribes as essential and lasting relationships and partnerships, rather than the obstructive “us vs. them” mentality of the past.

Tribal Relations

The PNM Tribal Government Relations Team actively engages our eight tribal customer communities and businesses through valued relationships and outreach. Our business operations work together with 16 of the 23 New Mexico’s tribes to address the energy needs of our tribal partners.

Our Team’s work includes:

  • Building within PNM an understanding of tribal sovereignty and the inherent right of sovereign nations to be viewed as meaningful and sustaining community and energy partners
  • Advocating PNM’s position with tribal governments, including respective tribal leaders, tribal councils and related local governmental bodies

We value our business relationships with each sovereign nation. That’s why each of our partnerships reflect the core values of both entities, and we view New Mexico’s tribes as essential and lasting relationships and partnerships, rather than the obstructive “us vs. them” mentality of the past.

Tribal Relations

Navajo Nation Workforce Training Scholarship

The PNM Navajo Nation Workforce Training Initiative was established in 2013. PNM and the Navajo Nation joined forces with Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint and San Juan College in Farmington to develop and administer the program. PNM is contributing $1 million, distributed $200,000 annually over five years, to Navajo student scholarship recipients.

All Navajo students are eligible, but the program especially targets at-risk students, such as those who have depleted government financial aid, or who reside in the Navajo chapters that surround the San Juan and Four Corners operations.

The program offers up to $1,500 per semester to pursue bachelor’s degrees, $1,000 for associate’s programs and $500 for trade certifications. As of May 2018, 260 scholarship recipients had earned certificates and degrees.

We’re so proud of the students for their achievements, and grateful to the Navajo Nation for the opportunity to be part of this effort.

Tribal Relations

PNM American Indian Engineering Internship Program

Since inception in 2009, PNM has assisted 28 American Indian Engineering students with valuable on the job training experience though the internship program.

During their internships, students meet with Pat Vincent-Collawn, PNM Resources Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, as they complete critical work assignments in the program. When meeting with the interns, she offers insight about leading an energy company, her leadership experiences and day-to-day challenges. Pat also gives students opportunities to ask questions related to current industry issues including improvements in solar technology, the company’s plan to transition away from coal, and how PNM contributes to the local economy.

The success of the internship program resulted in the hiring of four interns, upon graduation, into full-time positions in PNM, including Customer Service Operations, Power Production, Environmental Services and Transmission and Distribution Engineering.

Through our tribal program, we are happy to provide valuable work experience to college engineering students with specific project-based work that will not only help jumpstart their resume, but also gain them invaluable hands-on experience.

Tribal Relations

PNM Solar Car Races

Each year, Native students from around New Mexico work for weeks with PNM employees, many of whom are engineers, to design, build, test and pre-race their solar-powered model cars. Launched in 1994, this program’s primary purpose is about teaching science, technology, engineering and math in a hands-on, engaging way.

PNM partners with 8-10 tribal schools within our service territory and on the Navajo Nation to learn about renewable energy and the use of solar panels in the creation of their solar cars. On average, more than 200 fifth-grade students build approximately 70 solar cars in their classrooms. The top three cars from each school earned the chance to race in the finals at Explora Children’s Museum.

Tribal Relations

Cultural Sensitivity Training

A key focus at PNM is to educate our staff on building a unique understanding of New Mexico’s tribal communities to support their field of work on a daily basis in areas such as culture, protocol, policy, governance and business structures.

Our Cultural Sensitivity Training helps our leadership and employee’s understand more fully the role and function of the Tribal Government Relations team, and the impacts tribes have upon PNM business. Discussions include tribal sovereignty, key federal Indian law and policy, tribal jurisdiction and Rights of Way, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 23 New Mexico tribal government structures, how to effectively work with tribes and tribal customers and cultural etiquette tips.

Tribal Relations

Tribal Leader Energy Breakfasts

The annual PNM Tribal Leadership Energy Breakfast provides tribal leadership and PNM staff to actively discuss energy-related topics and key initiatives that are important to our tribal customers and PNM.

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Our Employees

Our employees are our greatest resource at PNM. That’s why we have established workplace and employment principles to help ensure that they are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, including our Do The Right Thing code of conduct which is an over-arching guiding document that lays the foundation of what is expected of employees. This and our Core Values guide the way as we strive for continuous improvement in:

  • Protecting the health and safety of others and ourselves
  • Doing the right thing and keeping our word
  • Protecting our assets and natural resources
  • Taking personal accountability for ourselves and our company
  • Looking for better ways to conduct our business
  • and helping each other succeed

What’s more, we make sure our employee benefits are competitive, and designed to meet the varied wants and needs of our employees while cultivating a work environment that encourages personal and professional growth. Company-offered insurance plans are also available to the employee and eligible dependents, including same-sex spouses.

Our Employees

Diversity and Inclusion

We are super proud to employ a diverse workforce and recognize the tremendous value that diverse backgrounds and perspectives bring to our organization. For seven consecutive years, PNM was honored as the best company in America for employing Hispanics and ranked among the best for minorities by Fortune magazine.

Here’s an overview of our workforce:

  • PNM Resources employs about 1,699 employees in New Mexico and Texas
  • Minorities comprise approximately 47% of our workforce
  • Veterans comprise approximately 8% of our workforce
  • 55% of new hires in 2017 minorities and 33.5% were women
  • Three women and one minority serve as corporate officers
  • Four women serve on the PNM Resources Board of Directors (including the Chairperson, President and CEO)

We have received numerous awards over the years for the diversity of our workforce including:

  • ranked the success of U.S. companies in their achievement of diversity. In 2014, PNM Resources ranked #7 among 45 companies, and was recognized as one of the top diversity elite employers in the U.S. for several years in a row. Five factors were ranked: Diversity on the board and in leadership positions; recruitment; retention and promotion; marketing and community outreach; and supplier diversity.
  • In 2014, PNM Resources was honored to be recognized as the Employer of the Year by Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). We were nominated for this award by one of our employees, a Veteran and Guardsman.
  • The Company was awarded the Pro Patria award by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve in 2006.

Our Employees

Team Green

The success of the PNM recycling program is due to an all-volunteer grassroots effort by our employees. Team Green members champion reduce, re-use, and recycle opportunities at each PNM location which consists of finding opportunities for the “3Rs”, supporting the Investment Recovery program and recording metrics associated with those efforts.

All employees can participate in reducing our waste streams by:

  • Assessing the materials being used and the potential wastes they will generate
  • Reducing the materials and resources being used
  • Reusing materials in-hand
  • Recycling the materials no longer needed
  • Celebrating and communicating success

A valuable source of information and support for Team Green is the New Mexico Recycling Coalition

Our Employees

Environmental Leadership & Training

Initiated in 2018, the focus of this interactive training is to help PNM leadership and employees work better with our environmental communities and and collaborate with environmental leaders on behalf of New Mexico and our energy future.

Our Employees

PNM Forerunners

The PNM Forerunners group provides a way for PNM retirees to stay in touch with each other and with the company, as well as be involved in their communities. The group produces a newsletter and meets quarterly to network together and learn about company issues.

Our Employees

Employee Volunteer Day

On one day each year, employees are given time away from their daily work to volunteer. Together, employees tackle more than 40 projects across NM and TX. They demonstrate the company’s core value of caring by serving organizations and working on company-organized projects like Alamogordo Earth Day, Animal Humane, Albuquerque Botanic Garden, New Mexico Veteran’s Memorial Park clean-up, Silver Horizons Senior Food Market, San Juan River Reach clean-up, Ruidoso Grinstone Lake clean-up, El Regugio Domestic Violence Shelter, and more. On this day, community members have said they can feel the collective volunteer power provided by the PNM Resource teams.

Employees are also given eight hours of Volunteer Time Off per year to serve an organization or school of their choice.

Our Employees

Volunteer Grants

PNM Volunteer Grants turn PNM employees’ and retirees’ volunteer hours into cash. A PNM employee or retiree can request two contributions up to $500 each a year on behalf of a New Mexico or Texas nonprofit organization where he or she volunteers.

Matching Grants

Matching Grants provide employees and retirees the opportunity to double their contributions to qualifying New Mexico and Texas 501(c)3 organizations or post-secondary educational institutions in the United States.

Our Employees

Employee Power Grants

If one were to zoom down to New Mexico on any given weekend, the view might be a sea of teal blue PNM Community Crew shirts running in a race for charity, walking for a cause, or biking for a cure. Employee groups of five or more participants are given “Power Grants” to complete projects of their choice throughout the year. The company supports team projects or group volunteer projects such as cooking for Ronald McDonald House charities. Activities benefit qualifying 501c3 organizations or schools, and employees are proud to post photos on the internal PNM/TNMP Facebook group.

PNM Power Up Grants aim to strengthen New Mexico by investing in our communities. Learn more

Our Employees

Employee Crisis Fund

The Employee Crisis Fund provides a source of relief to employees who are facing financial hardship due to their own or their immediate family member’s catastrophic event, life threatening illness or injury, or the death of an immediate family member. Active employees are eligible for assistance of up to $2,500. The fund was made possible by a donation by the PNM Resources Foundation and is actively managed by the Albuquerque Community Foundation.

Our Employees

Safety First

The safety of our employees and customers is a priority at PNM. All employees are required to wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when needed and follow safety rules and guidelines while on the job. Regularly scheduled safety trainings are also provided to employees depending on the type of work they do. Safety policy documents, online safety videos, weekly safety tips, and other materials are provided to employees to encourage continuous safety conversations and education throughout the company.

In addition to educating PNM employees on how to stay safe on the job and at home, PNM values educating our customers on electrical safety as well. Customers can find an extensive safety section on that offers information and tips on how to stay safe in a variety of situations. Learn more

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Conservation & Preservation

PNM is a leader in the utility industry for minimizing and mitigating the environmental impacts of utility work by having a strong Environmental Management System (EMS) which is rooted in our Environmental Policy and the international ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems.

The overall goal of the EMS is to ensure continuous improvement in the Company’s environmental performance and foster a Company-wide environmental stewardship ethic.

Our EMS tools ensure that all Company employees incorporate environmental stewardship in their daily activities. The foundation of the EMS is the Environmental Screening Process. Before field work or new projects begin, PNM employees screen their activities to identify potential issues associated with compliance requirements and resource protection. These issues include:

  • Habitat and threatened and endangered species
  • Water and riparian area sensitivities
  • Cultural resources
  • Federal, state and local jurisdictional requirements and permitting

When an issue is identified, work does not proceed until environmental clearance containing adequate and appropriate precautions, stipulations and permits has been issued. This system has allowed the company to establish a significant database of environmental and culturally sensitive areas in New Mexico, using existing government resources as well as data which our company has specifically collected or funded. We also require regular comprehensive environmental training for operational employees and some contractors at least every two years.

Conservation & Preservation

Wildlife Protection

The many beautiful desert and mountain landscapes in New Mexico means that our state is home to hundreds of avian species. As population areas have expanded and the need to build more electricity infrastructure has increased, birds have adapted and now use electricity-related structures to roost, nest or find protection from weather events. Unfortunately, birds and electricity don't always mix. While birds can sit on power lines and be safe, if they happen to touch energized conductors and/or grounded equipment, such as a transformer bank, they can be electrocuted.

PNM takes its commitment to the environment and efforts to protect New Mexico's wildlife very seriously. To deal with the problem of electricity-related bird deaths and outages caused by birds coming into contact with equipment, we created our Avian Protection Program in 2006. Efforts to bird guard PNM equipment and install avian safe structures have paid off. PNM offers educational programs and installs habitats on power poles to help in that effort.

On one line in Tijeras, N.M., there were 78 bird or animal-related incidents over several years. After bird guarding was put in place on the line, the number of incidents was reduced to only two the following year.

Since 2014 the Company has spent over $6.9 million to make distribution poles avian-safe. The cost to bird guard a structure is dependent upon the location, the necessity to plan an outage to bird guard, the aerial equipment located on the pole, and the pole configuration.

The PNM Avian Protection Program focuses on several key areas including:

  1. Identifying high risk electric structures for bird deaths and proactively bird guarding these facilities through best practices ranging from covering exposed wires and equipment bushings to covering conductors where spacing is inadequate;
  2. Making bird guarding a part of routine electric facility maintenance;
  3. Designing and constructing all new lines and other facilities with avian protection in mind;
  4. Using a Geographical Information System reporting system to track bird mortalities on the PNM electric system and automatically generating bird guarding work orders;
  5. Implementing "Hot Wings" that focuses on the use of avian safe structures in the most sensitive avian areas such as along the Rio Grande and all rural areas;
  6. Implementing mandatory avian protection training every two years for PNM transmission and distribution employees.

Not only has PNM committed to avian protection on its own system, but we have shared knowledge with other utilities to help them implement similar programs. PNM is the founder and ongoing sponsor of the New Mexico Avian Protection Working Group, in conjunction with Hawks Aloft, New Mexico Game and Fish, the Rural Utility Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Group trains co-ops and other utilities throughout the Southwest on avian protection best practices.

PNM is a charter member of the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (APLIC), a national organization of utility industry biologists and standards engineers, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. APLIC has developed and published Suggested Practices for Avian Protection on Power Lines, which reflects the state of the art in avian protection practices.

It is important to note that avian protection efforts have co-benefits in the protection of terrestrial species, as well. Cover-up material, in particular, can protect ground species such as squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits from electrocution.

PNM is an active participant in the San Juan River Basin Recovery Implementation Program. This innovative endeavor was developed through cooperation among federal agencies, the states of New Mexico and Colorado, Native American nations and tribes, water users and conservation interests with the intent to assist in the recovery of the endangered Colorado Pikeminnow and Razorback Sucker in the San Juan River. As part of the program, the San Juan Generating Station partially funded and maintains a fish passage adjacent to its river diversion to allow these native fish access to critical habitat. Learn more

Conservation & Preservation

Resource Conservation & Protection

As New Mexicans our heritage is defined by our culture and the land we live and work on. Whether in the high deserts and red tinged mesas in the west, the soaring alpine forested mountains in the north, the rolling fruited plains in the east or the lush central river valley that flows into the croplands in the south, we are a part of the land as much as it is part of us. As stewards of this land, we all have a responsibility to do everything we can to preserve our beautiful environment.

The best method to protect cultural and natural resources is avoidance of the resource. Using “hotzones,” other location specific information, and operation-wide training we are able to identify resources, such as habitat, waterways, and cultural sites and artifacts, early in the planning process. New Mexico is rich in cultural resources which are found throughout the federal, state, local and tribal/pueblo lands which make up almost half the state. We work with each jurisdictional area to protect sites, artifacts, and traditional cultural properties.

Conservation & Preservation

Vegetation Management

As long as we have trees, there will always be a conflict between the power we depend on and the trees that beautify our communities and landscapes. Our Vegetation Management Program helps us manage that conflict by trimming trees that can interfere with power lines.

We trim trees to:

  • Help maintain a reliable power supply
  • Protect the public’s safety
  • Protect properties, public spaces and trees from damage
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Keeping the future bright for generations to come.

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